Abap macro parameter number limit?

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Is there any number of macro parameter restriction?
I am using "set_column" to populate field-category for ALV report. Every is fine until I add ls_fcat-no_out    = &10.  I wonder the max parameter no. is 9? Then what can I do for this case?
  DEFINE set_column.
    clear ls_fcat.
    ls_fcat-fieldname = &1.
    ls_fcat-scrtext_l = &2.
    ls_fcat-edit      = &3.
    ls_fcat-do_sum    = &4.
    ls_fcat-no_zero   = &5.
    ls_fcat-just      = &6.
    ls_fcat-datatype  = &7.
    ls_fcat-outputlen = &8.
    ls_fcat-emphasize = &9.
    ls_fcat-no_out    = &10.
    append ls_fcat to pt_fcat.
Only up to 9 parameters !!.
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