After a windows update, iTunes opens with no library

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My computer was recently updated by Windows Update, and rebooted. iTunes may have been running. After the re-boot. I opened up iTunes, and there is nothing in the library. it is empty. Similarly, there is nothing in my podcasts. I looked for my music libraty (37GB) and found it just where it was supposed to be:
C:\Documents and Settings\mcv\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
I have not updated my iPod since this.
How can I resrtore my music library and podcast subscriptions?
intel2.4gHz   Windows XP Pro  
OK, I figured out what had happened. after iTunes apparently exits, it is not done. I had windows explorer open and I saw that several new files get created, they are temp files, including one called iT.tmp. These files are apparently used to reindex the music library. evetually, the iT.tmp file gets remnamed to iTunesLibrary.itl, and the iTunesMusicLibrary file is rewritten. You can watch this happen after iTunes closes. so, when you exit iTunes, it is not will take about 15 more seconds to finish.
so, in MYcase, where a windows update was done, Windows closed itunes, and thinking it was done, rebooted my machine. This caused the trouble I had.
While my iTunes library is about 40GB, I will make some eforts to back this up regularly. you should also backup the ItunesLibrary.itl file and the iTunesMusicLibrary.xml file. You will also notice a couple of other temp files in the iTunes directory. probably no need to back these up.
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