After iPhoto 9.2.1 update, duplicates in iTunes

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Hello -  I've just tried to synch my iphone 4 to iTunes and now see that several duplicate events have been created in iTunes for my photos.  I can't synch properly and when I go back into iPhoto to see what's happening, it looks like several duplicate photos have also been created ? ?
Help !  My iTunes photo library is jack - knifed !
Terence and Peter,
I have iPhoto 9.1.5 which was installed on my iMac that I received November, 2011.
My wife has the 9.2.1 version of iPhoto on her MacBook Pro which she bought months before I bought my iMac.
My iPhoto library opens fine in 9.1.5 on my iMac but will not open the copy of her iPhoto library that I copied to my iMac. We have two libraries and I want the same one she has instead of two separate libraries.
I went to the Mac App Store and downloaded iPhoto9.2.1 Update.dmg to my desktop.
I then opened the .dmg and clicked on the iPhoto9.2.1Update.pkg.
The install iPhoto Update window started to open briefly before the Alert message "The version of iPhoto installed on this Mac must be updated through the Mac App Store. Check the Mac App Store to see if an update is available" appeared.
I checked the MAS and found this link and this is what I downloaded:
hth, Bob
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