AirPort Problems [I know posted already, but read]

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hey guys,
These AirPort problems are really really getting on people's nerves. 10.5.1 was perfect for most, and now after updating to .2, us .1 100% connection, the connection drops every couple of minutes.
I'm on a Macbook 2.2 (White), and so I have a question.
My connection is STABLE, doesn't drop or anything when connected to the MagSafe adapter. As soon as I unplug it, I lose my connection immediately. NOW, if I want to plug my MagSafe back in, my connection won't be stable anymore until I restart my system.
Is anyone else experiencing that?
So my question is, is there some sort of power settings for Airport (on the computer, not my router) that I can modify. Cause it seems that as soon as I disconnect my power adapter, AirPort goes crazy and does whatever it feels like.
*When I OPTION+Click on the AirPort button at the top:*
*MagSafe in - Transmit Rate: 54*
*MagSafe out - Transmit Rate: All over the place, 54, 48, 36 then 1, then drop connection.*
*Sometimes it's, 54 to 1 to drop connection.*
Hopefully Apple will read this and see that it is most likely some power settings that were modified by accident. I still don't know why everyone doesn't have problems. But of course, that's not the point. Getting an AirPort solution ASAP is
C'mon Apple!
I suggest that if you want a response from Apple - you ask them.
They don't officially monitor these posts. You should be legimately able to all support on an issue like this.
I don't see this on my MacBook Pro - right now it is showing a rate of 52 and is unplugged. It was 130 early today but when plugged in and in a different room.
Likely there is some attempt being made by the system to manage the power used by the peripheral devices - but it should not drop the connection.
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