AS2 With certs

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When using certs and AS2 which certificate file needs to be imported @ the Host level ? Is it the entire .p12 that is uploaded to the Oracle wallet ?
I am thinking it must be one of the .cer files.
At the host level the decryption is happening right ? Our customer is encrypting with our server level cert.
Which of the many certs should be uploaded via the User Interface ?
Server , Root Certs , Private Key , entire wallet ?
I currently have the Server cert defined and when our customer is sending it gives
"General failure decrypting S/MIME message " Nothing more.
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    When using certs and AS2 which certificate file needs to be imported @ the Host level ? Is it the entire .p12 that is uploaded to the Oracle wallet ? I am thinking it must be one of the .cer files.At the host level the decryption is happening right ?

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