ATV issue: 2 ATVs, Windows Vista 64bit, iTunes error messages,

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little snippets of my situation, and i hope someone can make sense of it all...
i have an HP laptop dv71135 64-bit windows vista
a belkin n1 wireless router
2 ATV's in 2 different rooms
a very large iTunes library on and external 1.5 TB drive
my laptop and one of the ATV's are in my bedroom, wireless router is in the next room... should i run a long ethernet from the laptop to the router, and run a long ethernet from the ATV to the router? should i run the laptop wireless (connection's pretty good) and connect an ethernet between the laptop and the ATV in the bedroom?? should i run everything wirelessly?
right now i have my laptop on wireless, and an ethernet between laptop and the ATV. connection seems to be ok, except i am getting "this apple tv is not authorized" and i do have many purchases i would like to play on my apple tv. i have other issues i see a lot of people are having the "port 3689" issue as well but these are big ones. just trying to figure out the best way to hook up the ATV's with a wireless router. thank you!!
If it's easy enough to do, I'll pick a direct cable over wireless any day.
Since I don't have an Apple TV, I can only suggest you ask about the other stuff over in the Apple TV forums.
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