Authentication rerror on weblogic

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I had created a user in weblogic with provider as OpenLdapAuthenticator and made it default.
Now i am not able to start the weblogic server..
Can you get the sample security provider to work? Did you reinstall to the same
weblogic version? Try rebuilding your provider in the new environment and see
if that helps.
You also might want to crosspost this question to
or newgroups, since this looks like
a configuration issue.
"Balaji Chandrasekaran" <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Pavel,
Thanks for your response.
The /0/ is a typo, I have the jar file under this directory C:\bea7.0\weblogic700\server\lib\mbeantypes.
It used to work before, after i re-installing the server it is not working.
"Pavel" <[email protected]> wrote:
The provider jar file must be in the WL_HOME\lib\mbeantypes folder.
Have you changed you folder structure when you reinstalled the server.
Is the
\0\ in your path a typo?
Balaji <[email protected]> wrote:
I have written custom authenticator provider for my application in
7.0 , I was able to deploy successfully and able to test my applications
using custom authenticator provider.
Recently I re-installed my weblogic instance,after that the new instance
is not recognizing the cutom authenticator provider deployed in <BEA_HOME>weblogic700\0\server\lib\mbeantypes
After I deployed, I restarted my weblogic server, usually the server
will pick-up customer security provider automatically when you re-start
the server, then I can go to admin console and create new custom security
provider instance under myrealm.
But for some reason it is not picking now,
Same version worked fine in unix environment and different weblogicinstances
in windows environment.
Can someone help me to fix this problem?
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