Bug in details view: index columns not shown correctly, stops at 4th column

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I do have two indices on a table which are shown in the details view. In the column 'columns' only the first 4 columns are shown that belong to the index.
If I choose an index in another detail view, all columns are shown correctly.
Where to report this bug?
I just realized this was an issue today.
Once one knows that only 4 columns are shown in the summary and that you have to click on the index name for any index that shows 4 columns to see if there are more, well that extra click is pretty simple and not a big deal.
The problem is BEFORE one knows of this. For weeks, when reviewing some indexes created by others, I was under the wrong impression about some indexes because I thought they only had the 4 columns shown. I didn't know at that time that I had to select the index and look at the detail section.
It wasn't until I just happened to click on one of them and saw more columns listed that I realized there was a bug. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, this is a bug not a feature.
At an absolute minimum, there should be something done so users know they have to look at the details. Perhaps the heading could be changed to "Columns (up to 4)" or the ellipsis or (more) could be added as someone else suggested. Even just an additional comma would help. I can't imagine why it was written to stop at 4 anyway - why does that make any sense?
This is the first time I've come to this forum so I'm not sure how to request an enhancement. I'll read a few other threads and see if I can tell.
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