Can I transfer calendar data from one Apple ID to another?

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Just realized that my calendars and email were all sharing one Apple ID with my husband which is problematic because I want my own devices syncing up properly. I've set up my own Apple ID, but before I activate it on my devices I want to be sure I don't lose all the data. Can I transfer a calendar from one Apple ID to another and if so, can I do this from the devices themselves or do I need my desktop?
I've read some earlier related posts and they don't seem to answer this question clearly for me.
Thanks so much!
You will probably need to do this on your Mac; I'm not sure it's possible on an iPhone. You have to deal with one calendar at a time.
Select a calendar listed under your husbands iCloud login name.
From the File menu choose Export...>Export. An .ics file will be saved at your designated destination.
Repeat this for any other calendars.
Sign out in System Preferences>iCloud and sign in with your own ID. Your calendars and other data will disappear from your Mac but not from the server.
From the File menu choose 'New Calendar' then your iCloud login name in the sub menu.
A new calendar called 'Untitled' will appear in your sidebar under your iCloud login name. Change its name to that of the calendar you exported.
From the File menu choose 'Import...' then 'Import...' from the sub-menu. A navigation pane will open: navigate to and choose your exported .ics file.
iCal will ask you where to import this to. Click the drop-down menu and select the iCloud version of your calendar (make sure not to choose the 'On My Mac' version). Import.
Your calendar contents will appear in the iCloud version of the calendar but this may take some time. You need to leave iCal running until the rotating icon at the top of the sidebar disappears.
Repeat 5-9 for other calendars.
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