Can MPB 5,2 drive ext 1920x1080 HDTV properly? black border and fuzzy pictu

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MBP uni summer 2009 17". I have been using it with an cheap Westinghouse 19" 720 (1440x900) with MiniDP-DVI-HDMI well. It use it to switch from TV and second monitor. Time to upgrade. I bought a JVC 24" 1080p TV LT24EM71 from Samsclub. TV is good, but it will not display the 1920x1080 correctly. Same cable. it will show 720i, 720p 1080i, 1080p and other resolutions like 1280x800, 1600x1000, 1900x800. NOT 1920x1080.
I tried 1080p and the screen look terrible. fonts are blurry, color off and there is a black (thick about 2") around the center where the '1080p' image is. I tried overscan, and it overshoot. and the picture / text are still blurry.
Apple Store said MPB 5,2 can't drive 1080p, but spec says can it drive up to 2560x1600. Did I missed something? There is no setting on this tv for 1:1 mapping. I tried both HDMI ports, restart in various order and even tried VGA (which at 800x400 looked better than HDMI).
Can this laptop drive a full 1080p HDTV at a clear enough resolution (no fuzzy and use all pixels) like a regular LCD monitor?
I took my laptop and cable to SamsClub, and tried hooking up to 22" JVC, 22" VIzio and anew 26" Vizio with the same outcome. It will not have a full screen 1080, and the display preferences doesn't show 1920x1080 as a setting and the 1080p setting look like crap.
So. Can I do this setup? what TV would work or what options have you all have?
First of all, the current stable driver from the repos is newer than what you have installed (349). Arch is quick on the uptake with new software versions, there's seldom a need to go into AUR if what you need is the latest driver.
Second, your notebook is likely using optimus, so you should be using Bumblebee and read through this article to find out how to set it up:
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