Can't open layout getting Dump in ST22

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Hi All,
I am getting an layout no display and dump ST22 with the following details for few users, It seems the data set they try to open via the layout is locked but ususally when the layout is open and they select that version then they get a message ' this is locked or somthing', but I have never seen they can't even open the layout. Specially, with only one layout. Is there a table or somthing I can release that locked for this user? OR how can I resolve this issue!!! I am in SEM 4.0 Add-on into BW3.0B
The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLUPC_DATASLICE" in   
The main program was "SAPMHTTP ".                                                                               
The termination occurred in line 162 of the source code of the (Include)                   
program "LUPC_DATASLICEU10"                                                               
of the source code of program "LUPC_DATASLICEU10" (when calling the editor                 
I think the problem is related to Active/Deactive Dataslices.
In your case Dataslices is ACTIVE ??
Please put a break point in FM UPC_DATASLICE_CHASEL_CHECK and check exactly where are you getting the dump.
Just to analyse the problem , deactivate it and check whether you are getting the dump or not ?
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