Can you import software instruments and plug-ins  from Logic Pro to GB

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I purchased Logic 7 Pro and I find it to be way too much for me. Is there a way to take the software instruments from Logic to GB? I am not even sure Logic comes with more software instruments than GB. Do they both rely on the Jam Packs for additional instruments.
Is there anything else GB can borrow from Logic. I know I can move the sound effects aif files and use them. Just wondering about other plug-ins and the like.
  Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
Here's how you get past the static interruption.
Make your software track and ignore the static interruption. Its not being recorded into the midi information.
Then export the track out and reimport it to a new track. Do this twice. Your export/import WILL have static in it but since it was random your two tracks will not have the static in identical places.
Edit out the static in track one by replacing it with a static-less portion from track two. You'll now have a complete loop with no static interruption.
xs4sis. The cool thing about the demos is you don't have to program anything just use the presets. Who CAN program those **** synths anyway?
There are some demos that have a hundred presets to them. I love that!
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