Cannot log in to Windows; will not accept password

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Shutdown my Windows 8.1 tablet last night normally with no unusual issues. Will not accept the password this am. Have checked to see that correct pword was entered.
I am having the same problem.  Have a Satellite C55-B5240 running Windows 8.1 that is only 2 weeks old.  Shut down last night and this morning cannot get past the log in screen.  Checked and rechecked the caps, the password, even went on to another computer and changed the password 6 times.  I can get on with any of the other pc's but not the new one. On-line-chatted with Microsoft and spoke to 3 different techs.  They all said the same was beyond their expertise and I should contact Toshiba, get the Windows 8.1 key from them, and reload 8.1!!  Very funny.  I can't even get online let alone download anything.  They were no help whatsoever!  Spent 2 1/2 hours on chat with them.  I don't know what to do other than call Toshiba on Monday.
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