CD drive stopped working on my Satellite L

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MY CD drive stopped working, but then it recognised a disc which I had inserted, but then stopped working again.
I have deleted upper and low filters from device manager.
I have also downloaded the dvd ram driver from toshiba and my cd drive then worked, but after I closed down the computer, again it would not recognise discs in the drive.
I again downloaded the driver and it then recognised the disc I inserted into the drive.
However, now my computer will not recognise the drive even when I again download the driver.
Does anyone know why it would work intermittently or have any ideas that might help.
Which satellite L do you have?
Which operating system do you use?
Do you use original Toshiba recovery image?
Is ODD recognized properly in device manager?
Which disc do you use?
Do you have this problem using only this one disc?
Sorry buddy but your description is so general and there is no one single relevant info that can help for better understanding.
What you can expect are just general answers like:
-reinstall ODD
-test with different discs
-defect ODD
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