Clamshell ibook keyboard problem

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I just added some RAM to a 300 mhz blueberry clamshell iBook and upgraded to OS X. Everything went smoothly until it came time to type in the registration info, when I discovered that one diagonal row of keys on the keyboard -- the 9 O L and . keys, to be specific -- no longer worked.
Any idea what might have happened? Did I tweak something while removing the keyboard to get at the RAM? Do I need to get a new keyboard, or is this a problem with the connection ribbon?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Peter...
I can't see how the Ram could be the problem from what you describe. I suggest removing and then connecting the keyboard ribbon just to make sure all the pins are well attached. The pbfixit site has good instructions if you need them...
Failing this perhaps the ribbon itself may be kinked or damaged slightly?
Good luck
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