Customer clearing logic

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   Why we need to clear customer in F-32 after when we have booked a collection in F-28. We have been using this process since a long. What are implications if we remove this process and apply payment as soon as its booked. Guide please
               You maintain settings for customer clearing in FBKP...Clearing procedures. A distinguished document type like AB will be assigned for clearing procedure through F-32. The clearing procedure through F-32 has been designed for various reasons. First while booking payment through F-28 the against checks the check may get dishonored afterward. The result of clearing through F-32 is  a document with no line items. It just "links" the invoice with the payment. Normally collections booked through F-28 remains Unapplied unless not cleared through F-32 (becomes applied). If you remove this procedure then your all customized reports for customers will become unstable  and you will have get them developed right from the scarcth. This is for your information.
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