Display errors in a file along with records - IBIP_BATCH_INPUT doesnt do it

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I am using the function module IBIP_BATCH_INPUT(used in program RIIBIP00) in my custom program to upload maintenance plan data(Transaction IP01) using call transaction method.The data gets successfully uploaded.
However if i send incorrect data, an ALV report gets printed by the above function module that displays the error.
My requirement is to generate a file that displays each record and the corresponding error along with it.
Pls note that the error file obtained(Call transaction) has only the error records but not the errors displayed.
The function moduke returns a internal table of errors as displayed in ALV but how can I relate those errors with the the records in my file?
Hi Rob,
The transaction IBIP does the same as the program RIIBIP00.
My requirement is to customize it.
The legacy system file I obtain is not in the file format IBIPREC(refered documnetation of RIBIP00).
I convert it into a the required file format and use the file in the program or transaction IBIP manually and data gets loaded into the system.
If the file contains errorneos data, then the errors are displayed in a ALV report by the program RIIBIP00 and a a file is generated showing the erroneus record.My requiremnet is to have a audit file of the legacy system format plus a column showing errors.
How can I map the errors obtained from the fn module IBIP_BATCH_INPUT in program RIIBIP00 with the each record and produce an audit file?
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