Does FCSvr read ACL permissions set in OD?

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We have set up a series of permissions using ACL's within OD. I assumed that FCSvr would pick up these permissions to certain areas of an Xsan. However within FCSvr you can still see media from areas that have been denied to certain users - set up in OD.
Within FCSvr, I have created further permissions within the permission sets for each user group. But, because these are driven by metadata, it then causes further access problems with any media that is scanned in or comes from a watch folder- as metadata is not inputted straight away for this media. My next thought now is to break the areas in the Xsan down as Devices, and then set permissions to these in Fcsvr admin, but I have read in another forum that there is a bug with this process as it denies access to the wrong areas and can mess up the look of the interface.
Really, FCSvr should be able to read the ACL's in OD, surely?
Any advice appreciated.
Actually, FCSvr always operates as admin. It is as if every user is the admin user when working with the devices of FCSvr. As you noted, the only way to limit permissions in FCSvr are via metadata filtering, traits, and devices.
You should divvy up your SAN into multiple devices. This used to be a problem, but in v1.1.1 the interface problems related to device permissions have been corrected. You can restrict access and activity device by device, group by group. You can also set metadata during scans and with subscriptions + set asset metadata responses. My file naming convention allows me to have FCSvr automatically fill in six different fields just from creating the asset (assuming my users name their files properly of course, but there's only so much an admin can do).
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