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I have an OIM (11g) Solution where I can provision many resources (Solaris, AD, iPlanet, My SQl, Custom Resource Adapter, JNDI Adapter, etc) through roles.
Now I want to send Email notifications to users I've just created and their managers too.
I already have configured my Email Template, the Email Server Resource and the configuration in Notification Tab of the Process definition.
I have two problems: the First one is that I cannot add my email template in Notification Tab of Process Definition because only can view one template: *"Task Status Email Notification"*. I don't know if this is due a OIM bug or do I need to configure something else in templates?
The second issue is that OIM have not a Testing Module to test Configuration Resource and I don't know if OIM can connect to my Mail Server (Sun Convergence). In this configuration I only set the IP Address from my mail server. I already executed some tests via Telnet from my OIM Server to my Mail Server and I can send mail successfully. My mail server does not need authentication. thus I put the Authentication value to false.
Anybody has been faced with this issues?
I hope that someone can help me?
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My templates are of type "provisioning related" and I set them to my resource type (SSH).
When I open the Process Definition for my SSH Resource and I go to Notification Tab does not show nothing related to my Email Templates. It only shows one template (Task Status Email Notification)
I've already implemented a solution through javax.mail to send custom Emails. I only attach it to my process task after create/delete/update users in OIM.
When I worked with Sun IDM (now Oracle Waveset) this stuff were too easy to implement. What a mess!
Thanks in advance!
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