Error Message: JBO-26061:Error while opening JDBC connection

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JDeveloper 9i was connecting to 9i database (localhost) before and now it is not connecting giving IO Exception.
Getting JBO-26061:Error while opening JDBC connection, when run from OC4J.
Should we give any path to jdbc Does it have anything to do with changing host name; that is the only thing I have done before getting this error.
Please help!!
Please check the connection details and make sure the password is deployed. You can verify the connection
details by looking at Connections | DataBase node in the Navigator pane.
1. Also, test your BC4J middlet tier using BC4J Tester. To do that select your Application Module in the BC4J project,
right click | Test..
2. Check your BC4J Configuration and make sure it has the right connection information. To do that select your Application Module in the BC4J project,
right click | Configurations....
I'm learning Jdeveloper not long time, i'm still new in Jdeveloper. I have learn to build BC2J JSP Development from oracle9i jdeveloper viewlet demonstration. when I compile, its have an error "warning: ISO-8859-1character set may not match project compiler setting". When I run, its show from browser and have an error :
"Error Message: JBO-30003: The application pool (mypackage.MypackageModule.MypackageModuleLocal) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:
Error Message: JBO-26061: Error while opening JDBC connection."
So what can I do, I'm really need your help.
Thanks in advance
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