Error messages Sap gui 7.1 pl 6 and 7 + guixt

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We have a problem with SAP GUI 7.10 PL 6 and 7 in combination with GUIXT  2008-Q2-1. When the user is starting a transaction that is combined with GUIXT, they are getting mostly three error messages:
Message 1:
"Not enough memory - please increase virtual memory (get memory:length=25728 file=C:\Source\grilb\..\grlib\smtable.cpp line=13)"
Message 2:
"Not enough memory for internal table (table name=cntl occu=32 leng=804)"
Message 3:
"PRD: maximum work process hold time execeeded"
The problems occur  since patch level 6. We tried somes solutions:
Solution 1:
Install the newest  version of GUIXT, no results.
Solution 2:
Upgrade SAP GUI with patch level  7, no results.
Solution 3:
Uninstall SAP GUI 7.1 PL 7 and reinstall  an older version of  SAP GUI 7.1 PL3, the problem is solved.  
Can someone tell me what these error messages mean and if there has been a bug in SAP GUI 7.10 patch level 6 and 7?
Hi Matthew,
I do not know whether A. De Cesare and Steve Wojnicki still see this issue in their installations. In my comment above I suggested to use a higher SAP GUI patch level (PL8 or above).
We (Synactive) could not yet find out what is causing this problem; a couple of installations reported it in the past. What we found out is that
  - the error occurs with SAP GUI 7.10 PL6 and PL7, but never occured in earlier patch levels or in later patch levels
  - it occurs on certain PCs only, but we do not know what differentiates those PCs from others that run the same application+scripts without problems
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