Even after installing the newest OS with a clean disk... issues.

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     My apologies if I am not going about this in the correct fashion. This is my first time using the Apple Support Communities page. So let me be as thorough as I can...
     A couple of weeks ago I experienced a lot of problems with freezing and slowness. After the disk failed to be repaired and I went through the trouble of deleting files, monitoring my Activity Monitor and a handful of other things... I got a dark gray loading bar at start up that always lead to a shut down. So, I ultimately both erased the disk and got the newest OS installed at an Apple Store out of my own paranoia just yesterday. Worked nicely last night!... for a while.
     Today some of the problems have returned. Some slowness and most importantly Flash Player keeps crashing videos I am watching online. I can't have many applications open at once (currently I have only Safari and QQ open (a Chinese messenger thing) and my Activity monitor shows almost half of a yellow pie of Activity (1.85 GB on a 4 GB computer) with maybe 20% of free space. I have no page outs, I'm using 146.8 MB of swap and my VM size is surprisingly 237.86 GB. In terms of disk usage, I have 471 GB of free space out of 500 GB. The disk and permissions are all fine (I did check.)
     So I guess the real question is... is this just a case of needing to add more RAM? It's a late 2009 model of MBP that I bought new in early 2010 and I've used it pretty religiously for 2 and a half years, including some WoW playing. (just now I had to pause a minute as Safari stopped responding and gave me a one-minute pinwheel of death before resuming.) I actually wouldn't mind that resolution. I just don't want to keep fidgeting with this thing before I make things worse.
     Here are the rest of the relevant specs to be safe:
Processor  2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory  4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
Software  OS X 10.8 (12A269)
Thanks for your help. I'm no computer genius so even as I continue to learn more about these things I am sure there are things I am overlooking.
Even though you ultimately 'fixed' the problems with your internal drive by erasing it, that could still be your problem - since you came up with errors when trying to repair it. It sounds like a hardware issue and the disk seems to be the most obvious problem. I would try replacing the internal drive. Or take your machine back to your local Apple Store and have them run extensive diagnostics on the computer - should the problem be a bad drive you can either have Apple replace it or you can replace it yourself.
The diagnosis won't cost you a thing - any repairs will, if you authorize them.
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