Excel Services 2013 Bug - Automatic or Periodic Data Refreshes Doesnt Update

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I have heard from other colleagues that there is a problem with SP2013 Excel Services Automatic Refresh.  Specifically, when you set the data connection properties to
Refresh data when opening a file, no error is generated upon open, but it DOES NOT refresh the spreadsheet with new data.
Manual Refresh First.  What I did to test this was configure an AS tabular model with AdventureWorksDW as the data source.  Loaded the AdventureWorks Tabular project.  Created an ODC pointing to the resulting cube instance.
(Made all of the required Excel Services configurations.) Then pointed a workbook to this data source to populate a Pivot Table.  Saved it to SharePoint in a trusted location.  ODC saved to SharePoint in a trusted data connection library.  Finally,
I configured the connection properties to NOT Refresh data when opening the file.  Saved it.  Go to my in browser Excel Services file, and click
Data | Refresh All Connections.  WORKS!  Great. 
Next up: Automatic Data Refresh.  I made a copy of the same workbook.  Connected to the same data connection file.  Went into the properties of the connection on the copied workbook and checked
Refresh data when opening the file.  Saved.  Updated relational data in database.  Reprocessed the tabular model.  Re-opened the Automatic refresh workbook.  Numbers stay the same.
I've tried also setting Refresh every setting on
Usage tab of Connection Properties dialog to low number.  No change.  Tried reducing the Excel Services External Data Cache Lifetime auto refresh setting to 10 seconds.  Nothing, no change.  Nothing seems to work to get Auto refresh
working.  Manual refresh works great.  Has anyone else seen this bug?  Is there a hot fix?  Anyone know if there is something else to try?
UPDATE: In the ULS log, what we see if the following line:
BaseWorkbook.PrepareConnectionsAsync: Refresh skipped. Could not find the data connection name - defaulting to previous state. sessionId=..., dataconnection=
Note: the dataconnection value at the end is empty.
Thank you for your question. I am trying to involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue. There might be some time delay. Appreciate your patience. Thank you for your understanding and support.
Linda Li
Linda Li
TechNet Community Support
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