Export to text file very, very slow

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Hi, I am running and doing an export of a query to a text file. The export was 66000 rows, but took incredibly almost around 2 hours to finish. The row counter in the status bar was very slow. The same exact query/export under 1.5.4 ran in about 5 mins. The row counter on both the fetching and exporting was just flying by.
Has anybody else experienced this ? What could be causing it to run that slow under this release ?
The other issue I have is once there has been no activity for a while, sqldeveloper hangs has to be restarted. I saw this being addressed in another post however, and will follow it there.
Any ideas on when a patch will be made available to this release ?
BTW, I really like some of the other new features of this release.
Ok, I think the issue was that I was exporting to a shared network drive. I redid it, saving it locally and it worked fine.
I still have the issue of inactivity and having to restart sqldeveloper.
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