Externally created pagination buttons

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Hi there,
How do I create "externally created pagination buttons" ?
In a multi-page tabular report, I would like to submit each page before I go to next page (to save updates). Am I right in guessing that I could use custom buttons to submit the page before moving on to the next page ?
hey shailendra--
those "Externally Created Pagination Buttons" are a bit of a throw back to the older way of doing pagination from the htmldb beta days, but they still works fine. to set them up, you create two buttons with exact names, "FLOW_PREVIOUS_PAGE" and "FLOW_NEXT_PAGE". you'd probably also want to put the conditions, "SQL Reports (okay to show back button)" and "SQL Reports (okay to show forward button)", respectively on them. after that, pagination works as you'd expect. the catch to this, though, is that those button won't work to submit your form data as you're hoping. to allow your users to submit tabular form data as they page through tabular form data, you'd have to add an additional page submission mechanism (button, for instance) to your page.
hope this helps,
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