F-04 Withholding tax calculation

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Dear All,
In Tcode F-04 (Transfer Posting with clearing) i am using Posting key "31" for Vendor Credit AMount.
Here, I am not able to calculate automatic withholding tax amount
Withholding tax data is already maintained in the vendor's master data.
Withholding tax calculation is possible with other Tcode like FB60...
but  With F-04 it's not calculating.
How to calulate withholding tax amount.
It it something configuration problem .
Pl suggest me some solution.
For E.g
My Client wants the system to calculate  Withholding Tax on purchase of Air Ticket from his Agent
Travel expenses                                               xxxxx
Vendor  - Air travel agent                                              xxxx
Note 2 : WHT collected by the vendors on purchase of the air ticket and recorded as an asset for onwards claim from Tax Authority.
The system simulates the following accounting entry: (Payment)
Vendor                                                                                XXXXXX
               WHT Asset**                                                                  XXXXXX
               Bank                                                                               XXXXXX       
In This Case this entry is not Correct . It should be
Vendor                                                                                XXXXXX
                WHT Asset                                                                                XXXXXX
                Bank                                                                                XXXXXX 
Hope you got my requirement
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