FI-MM and FI- SD Queries... Please Help

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Hi Gurus, Please help me with the following queries-
1. How movement type and valuation class helps in determining G/L A/C?
2. Where do I configure GL A/C as per movement type and valuation class?
3. Where I can see G/L postings of individual material after PGI and invoice?
4. How can I see individual customer receivable a/c?
5. How can I see G/L postings of sales revenue, discounts and freight?
Thanks in Advance
hi mohit,
1 & 2. Once u define G/L accounts in valuation class it is applicable for the movement types under the valuation class. for tcode:0MWB or menu path:
spro>img>MM>valuvation & account assignment>account determination>account assg withount wizard-> configure automatic posting
3.for invoice: goto vf03> selct each line item & click accounting ikon on th top>now double click the accounting document.
(or) use tcode:FB03 here u have 2 enter the acc docuemnt no
4.use tcode:FBL5N
Arun prasad
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