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I can see a couple of posts that have already been made about the filename used in the "Save As" dialog box after clicking on a FileDownload link but I can't see a resolution being supplied for this.
I am using JHeadstart and JDeveloper
I have created a table with im_orddoc ordsys.orddoc, filename varchar2(100).
In my view object I created a transient attribute to be used as the file download. Within the JHeadstart property editor, the im_orddoc is set to displayType of fileUpload and File Name Attribute to Filename. The transient download_orddoc is set to displayType of fileDownload and File Name Attribute to Filename.
The filename is being stored correctly and being displayed correctly as the file download link, only, when you click on the link, in the file download box (using IE), the file name reverts to "".
How can I get the correct filename to be displayed in the save as dialog box instead of this generic name ?
Also, I want to be able to display a link within a form for all types of uploaded media (ie doc, exel, jpg etc...). If an image has not been uploaded, a link is displayed. If an image has been uploaded, then the image is rendered rather than a link. How can I ensure that a link is always shown regardless of media type ?
Brent Harlow
Yes, we noticed this too. Both issues are caused by the "magic" of the UIX <media> tag. It automatically recognizes the file type and displays an image as image instead of download link (a user can still right-mouse-click on the image and choose Save as..."). The issue with the filename in the download box is probably a combination of <media> tag and IE, in Firefox it works fine. Could you please repost your questions on the JDeveloper forum, may be the UIX guys know of additional settings on the <media> element to get the behavior you want.
Steven Davelaar,
JHeadstart Team.
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