For the past week or so I no longer see the toolbar in the Comcast Help Forums to reply to a post made in that forum.  Has there been a change made to my iPad 3 settings and how to fix it?

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Has something changed in the iPad 3?  I Go to the Comcast Help Forums daily as a Volunteer Moderator and for the past week or so when I open a post in the Forum and attempt to reply to the post, ai no longer have a toolbar which contains different options that should be
available to me.  Such as quote, font. Font size, inserting a link or image,etc.
Now- I do not have a toolbar at all!  I already contacted Lithium who is the company that creates and maintains the Comcat Help F or umps.
What has happened and how do I resolve this?  I would not be at all happy if Apple has done something that is now preventing me access.
I use my iPsd 3 daily for monitoring and helping in the Comcast Help Forums.
Thank you,
If this is what you are used to seeing in the Comcast forum, you need a browser that can identify as a desktop browser. Safari does not do this. I am using iCab Mobile and this is what the forum looks like when I sign in.
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