Getting error message when attempting to download the beatles box set itunes lp

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I am getting an error message when downloading the beatles box set/iTunes lp.  States the file isn't there.  please advise.    
   First of all, you have to identify the scheduler server in case you have a multiserver installation.(Server Managr->Options->Server options). Then you have to follow the steps:
1. Go on Scheduler server, open Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks and delete all the jobs starting with DM_<appset>*
2. Run the query into the appset sql db:
    delete from tblSchedule
You can run the steps by application as well(if you have problem only for a specific application):
1. delete all jobs starting with DM_<appset>_<application>*
2. delete from tblSchedule where App='<application>'
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