Going from Crystal XI to Crystal 2008 (Business Objects Edge).

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Hi. I currently use Crystal XI use BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2 to schedule and run my (our) reports.
I rang the customer support line and they said my questions were best tried out here in the forums.
I currently have five licences for Crystal XI.
I am looking at looking at going over to Crystal 2008, which comes in the Business Objects Edge, standard package.
I had a few questions about doing this and I was hoping the community will be able to assist with.
1. If I go ahead with Crystal 2008 will it need to totally replace my Crystal XI set up? For example could I have some of my staff using XI, and other staff members using 2008, but be able to schedule (and save) the reports centrally from my existing Business Objects Enterprise server?
2. Or would it be simpler to roll out Crystal 2008, via the Business Objects Edge standard package, and migrate the reports from XI to 2008, and in doing so totally replace the use of Crystal XI altogether?
- Are there compatibility issues with migrating reports designed in XI into 2008?
- If so was the quickest solution to rebuild existing reports in 2008?
- Is it simple to do? (say as simple as re-opening the XI reports in 2008 and clicking save?
I appreciate any comments in advance.
The 2nd option is the one officially supported by SAP.
Regarding the XI reports stored in the XI R2 repsoitory:
You should just install BO Edge 3.1 on a new server and migrate your XI R2 repository contents into the new installation. YOu can use the ImportWIzard for this.
Regarding local XI reports:
Local XI reports can be migrated by opening them using the CR Designer 2008 and just saving them back to the local filesystem.
BTW if you run into problems with a report which was migrate it as part of the XI R2 repository you can also try to open it from the Edge 3.1 repository using the CR 2008 Designer and save it back again.
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