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At time of GRN Hold  process, got the below internal error,
Please provide your input on it, to clear the error...
Internal error: PREDOCUMENT PS_GOHEAD EXT_MAT_LONG  (see long text)
Message no. MIGO899
A program error occurred.
System Response
The current status of the program was not planned and therefore results in an error message.
Contact the system administration.
Procedure for System Administration
Find out whether a solution to this error already exists via SAP Note. Search using the terms MIGO899 PREDOCUMENT PS_GOHEAD EXT_MAT_LONG .
If the search does not yield results, enter a problem message quoting the error number MIGO 899. Describe in as much detail as possible the circumstances that led to the error
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Note : 1330950 is only for exact message text (see below)
"Internal error: PREDOCUMENT PT_GOITEM /SAPMP/CE_ICON (see long text)"
Note :636102 is for GOITEM components expected.
Error which we faced is :
Internal error: PREDOCUMENT PS_GOHEAD EXT_MAT_LONG (see long text)
Message no. MIGO899
Is the above two notes are useful in above error...
Thanks in advance
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    At time of GRN Hold  process, got the below internal error, Please provide your input on it, to clear the error... Internal error: PREDOCUMENT PS_GOHEAD EXT_MAT_LONG  (see long text) Message no. MIGO899 Diagnosis A program error occurred. System Resp

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