Hope Someone at Apple read this

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One month ago i've recived a new 23'' Apple monitor and soon i've noticed one pixel (in the center bottom of the display) not working properly.
I said one is not too bad!
but now that i'm writing the pixels not working properly are growing in the same area making them more evident (for precision today 10; sometimes are less but sometime are more 10 is an average number).
I can remeber Mr. Jobs sayng in one of last keynote that Apple lcd monitors are the best! Apple refuses the lcd display other companies use for their top of the gamma...etc.
Well ..... I've two 30'' and this 23'' in my studio and when i look at them...they are beautifull !But i'had troubles with pixels in 30'' (now solved) and the new 23'' has problems too.
I found difficult to trust Mr. Jobs words because i'use also other brands monitor (Sony, Eizo) and in no one i have one single broken pixel .
May be Apple should pay more attenction to the quality provided by their chinese suppliers.
Come on Apple!
You may be able to convince apple that you have too many dead pixels. Try taking it into an apple store and see what they say
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