How can I put a filter to message type COND_A

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I am creating message types: COND_A from Change Pointer.
I have an active filter on element: Condition type. (BD64). This is working OK.
I also want to set the filter on element: Material type.
This is not working, probably because this element is not an active field in any delivered IDoc Segments. (Ref. WE05). The result is that no messages (IDoc's) are delivered.
How can I get this filter to work for COND_A?
In other words: How can I select on Material type = 'XXXX' creating message type COND_A from Change Pointer?
No, however, you can have Favorites and Recents show on the App Switcher (Multitasking) screen, assuming you are running iOS 8: Settings App > Mail,Contacts,Calendars > Show in App Switcher [under CONTACTS]
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