How can I show menu on tv with apple tv remote

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I have my ATV onnected with a HDMI cable from my Apple TV to a HDMI input on my A/V Receiver.
Then I use HDMI out on the A/V Receiver to connect to my HDTV with another HDMI cable.
This has always worked just fine for me and still does,  just lately though I needed to check out the menu on my ATV which will be the first time since I set up my system.
I have my system set up on a Universal Logitech Remote which is also working just fine for me.
My problem is that I can't figure out how I can get the ATV menu to show up on my tv so that I can edit it.
I've tried turning on the tv manually but when I do I get live tv playing and clicking on the ATV remote menu does not over-ride the live tv picture.
Also tried turning on my Tivo with my universal remote but that also opens up the tv with a picture which the ATV remote can not over -ride
Am I missing something obvious here or is my setup preventing me from seeing the menu.
The correct answer is only with a limited number of apps, you cannot share the iPad screen, unfortunately. YouTube, iPhoto. I am very disappointed keynote presentations are not supported.
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