How do I change the settings so that when I make a phone call I can make my screen go black and not mute the call with my cheek or it tries to face time my call. I need to change the sensitivity or something! Please help!!

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How do I change my phone settings on my iPhone 5 so that when I make a phone call while I am on the phone call my phone stays lit up. It never goes black so I am constantly hitting other buttons while I try to talk like mute or FaceTime or speaker! Please help this is so annoying! It's like all I need to do is fix the settings somehow and I have gone through all of my settings and I can't find where to do this!
Is the phone in a case?  Try taking it out of the case.  If that doesn't work, then your proximity sensor is broken.  You'll need to bring your phone to Apple for evaluation.
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