How do I display RAW photos from Photoshop Elements 11 on Apple TV?

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Ever since I got my Apple TV 3rd gen I have been able to simply turn on itunes and stream my albums from photoshop without an issue.  The shots are mostly RAW and came out perfectly on the big screen.  They also still appear on my ipad without any issues at all.  However... Yesterday I switched on the PC and Apple TV and where the raw shots had been there are now just blank spaces in every album.  They are all numbered so Apple is recognising where the files are and counting them but none can be displayed.  I am now reading that Apple TV can't read raw files but I'm not going mad, I have bored dozens to death with my slîde shows so I must have done something or updated something which has thrown a spanner in the works
A few details
Windows 7
Mcafee security
Photoshop elements 11
Home sharing is on PC, iphone 4, original ipad with same passwords
All albums/raw shots are viewable on PC and ipad
I have reset everything...repeatedly
When googling this I find no one with the same issue!
You can either drag them in Organizer workspace or import the folder. Or you can also use Adobe Photo Downloader. There are many options listed here l
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