How do I re-upload my HD from a Disk Image

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I recently had some issues with my Mac Book Pro and I had to delete my entire Hard Drive. Using Disk Utility I backed it up first by taking a disk image of it all. I fixed my computer and now I am trying to work out how I can re-install my Hard Drive.
I open up the disk image, which takes hours to verfiy because there is so much stuff on it, and all my stuff is there. However, it doesn't update my computer to be how it was before and also it doesn't stay there, acting more like an external drive, so when I turn off my computer and then on again I need to go through the whole verifcation process.
Can anyone help me out here and show me how to use this disk image to go back to how my computer was set up, please?
OK great. Thing is when I try to I keep getting the message: Could not unmount volume "/" (Resource busy)
What am I doing wrong?
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