How do I recover a lost partition on my mac

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When I used Disk Utility it showed my mac hard drive, and another what I assumed was a partition named Apple (something or other) as you can see I am not very savvy.  I eventually realized that this partition was now under a different name and shown under the section that shows the mounted external drives.  It was now called Greys Anatomy so6 e16.  Once I realized that it was the missing partition I tried to re name it, and could not, so then I tried to move it back to the place it had originated from using a "how to" video on you tube. now I have lost the thing altogether any one help an old guy who is quite lost and can not afford to go to the computer shop
This is all the information I know how to collect iMac 27inch late 2009, processor 3.06GHz intel core Duo,
Memory, 8GB 1067 MHz DDr3,graphics ATi Radeon HD4670 256Mb.
you said in your reply that there was an article that explains how it is done, but I can see no reference to an article.
Thank you for taking the time to help me it is most appreciated
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