How do I Update PowerPoint 2013 Slide Deck Preview Thumbnail?

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I often copy previous presentations and revamp them for my next presentation. I notice that after changing the title slide in PowerPoint 2013 the embedded thumbnail.jpeg file is not updated. Ordinarily I would not care, but recently I am presenting to two
competing comanies and I cannot have the branding for one company on the presentation for another.
Short of completely recreating the deck, is there a way to force the update of the thumbnail.jpeg file in the PPTX?
Matthew McDermott, MVP SharePoint
OK, I discovered that You can go to Backstage and chose Properties | Advanced Properties | Summary | Save preview with picture. Uncheck and save then recheck and save and PowerPoint will refresh the thumbnail...unless it doesn't. Which was true for half
of my decks.
For those I:
Renamed the file to zip
Deleted the thumbnail.
Renamed the file back to PPTX 
Opened in PowerPoint.
Let PowerPoint perform the repair.
Toggle the preview setting as above
Matthew McDermott, MVP SharePoint
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