How do you create Document Icons on the Home Screen?

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I have an iPad to use exclusively in the kitchen and would like to make my recipes appear as indivdual icons on the home screens with an associated picture.
For example; Pumpkin Soup
I would like to create an icon with a picture of pumpkin soup and the same as a title.
When you tap the Pumpkin Soup icon a page appears with instructions and perhaps a picture or two.
So my question is: What are my options for creating these stand-alone icons that bring up a page that describes a recipe/document.
I understand that there are many 'recipe' apps avaliable, but none that I've encountered have the ability to save individual recipes as icons on the home screen.
I dont care whether I use a recipe app or some other processing/publishing app to achieve this.
I would very much like the recipe/document to appear on screen crisp and clear without program formatting around it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
I'm aware of the Safari shortcut, but was hoping there was a document, etc shortcut.
Thank you for your reply James Ward4
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