How to add email accounts on Ipad 2

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I can't add email accounts on my Ipad 2. When I select Settings, Email-Contacts-calendar  the Ipad returns to the begin screen. I don not get any possibility to select an email provider or add an account. Just the begin screen.
Thanks, Ferdy
iphone does support hotmail, but Windows Mail (Windows Vista) does not support Hotmail. you also need to have a subscription to hotmail (aka windows live)....they no longer allow IMAP/POP access w/ free accounts. i purchased the Hotmail Plus subscription for 19.95 yearly ($1.66/month) - this is the cheapest one.
here are the Hotmail settings for iphone:
Select OTHER for mail account:
name: xxxx
address: full e-mail address
choose POP
incoming mail server:
host name:
user name: full e-mail address
pw: xxxx
outgoing mail server:
host name:
user name: xxxx
pw: xxxx
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