How to disable Print button in Report Manager in SSRS 2008

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I have a report with long list of columns. Currently we are supporting only excel export and we do not want user to print reports. I know we can disable export options by editing Render extensions in rsreportserver.config. Kindly suggest me how I can stop
user from printing reports.
Please refer the link below:
"Report server administrators have the option of disabling the print feature by setting the report server system property
EnableClientPrinting to false. This will disable client-side printing for all reports managed by that server. By default,
EnableClientPrinting is set to true. You can disable client-side printing in the following ways:
Select Enable download for the ActiveX client print control on the Server Properties page in Management Studio. To open Server Properties pages, connect to a report server instance in Management Studio, right-click on the report server node,
and select Properties.
Write script or code that sets the report server system property EnableClientPrinting to
Thanks, Michael Mei
Is there a way to enable or disable printing and export facility in the client based on report server roles. In our case some group of users only needs read access and so we want to prohibit export and print facility.
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