How to get content item out of work flow automatically

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hi experts,
my requirement is that Contributor will contribute the Content , and provide the content publish Date.
When contributor contribute content, content goes in workflow. I want auto approval of workflow so that when Publish Date actually comes, Content is out of workflow and published on site.
Is there any way to achieve this ??
Or is there any way that when publish date comes, meta-data of the content item changed....?
try putting your date comparitor and wfExit() code in the update event of the step the content item is in.
You may need to wait up to an hour after the time/date elapses before the comparitor evaluates to true and kicks content out of the workflow.
However, you should really evaluate the reason you're using workflow in the first place. It looks like you're using it as a holding ground.
I recommend using the dReleaseDate field to prevent the item from being indexed and released to the search results.
Then use subscriptions (e.g. push subscriptions) to handle the notification.
If you need more advanced subscription and notification capability take a look at our Subscription Notifier product:
Hope this helps
Billy Cripe
Fishbowl Solutions
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