How to send emails from an iPad to a group set up in contacts?

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Apple Contacts "groups" show up in iOS7 contacts on my iPad, synced from iMac. 
But I cannot get the group list of contacts to enter automatically into "to" on the iPad as happens automatically on the desktop iMac.  So the "groups" on the iPad really doesn't have any functionality other than giving one a list of who is in a group per my assignment on my iMac.
So I end up entering manually each individual in a group in the "to" line when I want to send an email to a group from my iPad. On the iMac, selecting a contacts group will automatically list the addresses of the people I have put into a group.  A known problem, and any solution?
Thanks.  So matters haven't changed.  Ipad and iohone systems still not make use of the groups created in OSX Contacts, although one can "see" the groups synced through iCloud.  They just do not function as real distribution lists in Mail.
With the Mailshot app, one creates Mailshot groups with Mailshot group name.  It's as smooth as a work around can get.
Silly that Apple iOS folks never got around to connecting the contact groups now listed in iOS Contacts through iCloud syncing to also be fully functional in iOS Mail for the purpose of group emailing. 
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