How to stay on the same page after submitting the Page to commit the row.

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I have a page where I am accepting a ket column from the users , Now I want to have to buttons where user can enter one row and click 'Create & Exit' which would them to the menu. But another button would be 'Create' that would create the row in the table would keep user on the same page , so he/she can enter more rows.
My 'Create & Exit' button has settings in 'Actions when Button Clicked'
Action - Submit Page
Execute Validation - Yes
Database Action - SQL INSERT Action.
My 'Create' button has settings in 'Actions when Button Clicked'
Action - Redirect Page in this application
Page - 9 (Same page)
Database Action - SQL INSERT Action
When this didn'tr work
I changed
Set This items - All the variable from the table
With These Values - All the variable from the page
Still this doesn't work.
I very new to APEX application.
Here's an approach:
Delete your existing Create button and then redefine it as a copy of Create & Exit.
Then create two Page Branches, one that branches back to your Menu when the Create & Exit is pressed and another Page Branch that remains on your current page when the Create button is pressed.
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