I am new to LR and needs some advice please

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I have been using Raw shooter and have been shy of going over to LR.I am not a hugely knowledgeable user nor that technically minded. I purchased Scott Kelbys, and Martin Evenings book on LR and am learning as I go, I have been reading several threads on this site and I am concerned about all the negativity I am reading about LR being buggy, with problems?
and how it seems that Adobe are not doing enough with LR to address any such issues? I am a canon user and issues relating to Canon raw are a particular worry. I am about to put my entire collection from Raw shooter ( On External LAcie drives) into the hands of LR in the future. Is this a wise decision? Please help.
Also I want to get started if it is the right thing to do, my PC is getting on abit, with 4 yr old tech inside and only 1gb ram. I will soon get somthing more powerful with 2-4 gb ram. my second question is this. I will be running my libraries on external drives only ( LAcie F.A. Porsche).
If I have imported my images without moving folders, with LR 1.2 loaded on my pc. If later I remove LR from it and reload onto a new PC will it see all my libraries again and know all my settings again without issue and without having to re-do everything. If that is the case then I had better wait until i upgrade the Pc, before I start any work with LR, which will be frustrating.??
Apologies for a long question, but I am technically challenged. If anyone can assist me in these areas I would be grateful
Paul Apps
LR is not buggy and it converts Canon RAW files just fine. I run LR on a PC without any significant issues except speed. LR is too slow in some areas (importing images, browsing thumbs and previews, in particular) compared to other programs such as Photo Mechanic and ACDSee, but it is very stable on a clean computer. Many features need improvement but hopefully that will come in time. Meantime LR is quite good and I bet you will like it. There is nothing better overall.
You should never risk your images to any software or anything else. Keep a backup copy of your originals separate from the copy you use for LR or other software. Plus LR is a non-destructive editor (pixels are not changed) so your images will be quite safe.
As Tomrock said you can transfer your database to a new computer without difficulty. I do recommend a new computer, a 4 year old machine with 1gb RAM will probably be frustrating. Other folks say that a quad core processor and at least 2GB RAM is the way to go. My 2 year old dual core Pentium with 4GB RAM is definitely too slow for LR. You might also consider switching to internal hard drives in your new computer and use your external drives for backups. Internal drives for your images and catalog file will be much faster.
Also Tom's advice about importing a few images at a time and then testing how things work is very good. It is definitely a mistake to import a huge volume of images until your are familiar with LR. It is very easy to delete a small catalog file and start over since a few hundred images imports quickly.
Good luck.
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