I can't sync my mobile with laptop, and dialogue on android device gets stuck. Is this a bug?

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I use my Ee PC notebook as the "main device" and have successfully synced with my other laptop. When I try to sync with Android Phone however, I don't get a 3 x 4 digit code that I should enter in the dialogue pop-up on the main device.
My Android also shows 3x4 dots where i´m supposed to enter the code. So, no code, and two empty 3x4 dot dialogue pop-ups.
Worse, the dialoge pop-up on my Android device gets "stuck", It does not respond to the cancel button and won't go away when I use the arrow back-button on the device.
Thank you for your reply. I tried to sync using the Sync key (by tapping "I don't have the device with me"), but again: the dialog pop-up on my android got stuck and I had to restart it.
Now I have trouble to log the bug to file it. I suppose I have to log the Android activity, since that is the device I'm having trouble with (syncing two laptops worked fine). But I have no idea were to find "about:sync-log" on my droid phone :-S
Hope you can help? Really appreciate it!
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