I Need Help!!! Nokia 6730c.

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Hello! I have a problem with my Nokia 6730. I bought it 2 weeks ago. Phone for some reason very slow, long reacts to pressing buttons, and for some unknown reason, restarts and resets the time. I can not install it on third-party applications, for example: I wanted to install LCG Jukebox, a music player, for some reason he works with interruptions in the sound. Other applications that I installed, too, are slow. I checked the internet - they are fully compatible with Symbian 9.3. Phone software installed recently - 031,022. Three times the installed factory settings - does not help, get out of the phone memory card - also does not help. Before that I had a Nokia 6120, and there were no such problems, although the processor was almost twice as slow ... Please help me in my problem! Can this be solved by updating the software? Or do I need to return this phone back to the store?
Update your firmware (If update is available for your device)
Try Soft reset?
Dial this code as normal phone number *#7370# enter your lock code, default is 12345.
it'll wipe c/phone memory, phone will be "out of box" condition, So please consider BACKUP, but do it manually.
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