I need help removing bezel from my laptop screen

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I have a HP Pavilion DV4-1125nr laptop and I cracked the screen and need to change it but I can't seem to figure out on how to remove the bezel out of my screen so I can remove screen and get the model number from the back.  I removed screens before but they had screws on top of bezel covered by little rubber knobs and the dv4-1125nr doesn't have any of this and it looks like you have to remove the bezel using your hands but I can only pop out the top and the sides, the bottom doesn't pop out and I'm afraid to force it out in case I break it.  What am I misssing here?  Is there a trick to get it out?
From above url ( HP partner Services Media Library ), do the following;
1. Select Laptops and Teblet PCs in "Product Category"
2. Select HP Pavilion Notebook PCs in "Product Family"
3. Select Pavilion dv4-1000 Entertainment Notebook PC series in "Product Series"
4. Select either FRU Remove/Replace (AMD) or FRU Remove/Replace (Intel) based on your CPU type.
5. It should bring up another window "HP Service Media Library" and then select Display Bezel ( Recessed ) to bring up the video and detailed procedure for you to open up the LCD Display Bezel.
Have fun and keep this URL handy and you can use it for all your DIY works later.
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